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background and overview.PNG

Background and Training

How and why this method works.

reading fluency and accuracy.PNG

Reading Fluency and Accuracy

Tools for repeated timed readings of words, phrases and texts.

game templates - printed games.PNG

Game templates (printed games)

Create your own games for any target material.

games for classrooms1.PNG

Games for Classrooms

Games to play in larger groups to adapt for any target material.

assessing a learner.PNG

Assessing a Learner

Assess learner's knowledge and issues before you start lessons.

pages for learners 1.PNG

Pages for Learners

Help learners keep track of their progress and practice.

games templates - computer games.PNG

Create Interactive Computer activities

Create on-screen activities for any target material.

individual lesson materials.PNG

Individual Lesson Materials

Stories, word lists, games and activities by target lesson.

Hickey Lesson Plan Infographic.jpg

Lesson Preparation Materials

Standard documents for planning any lesson.



Games that span lessons - choose the content you need.

phonics for classrooms1.PNG

Phonics for Classrooms

Tools for teaching with a phonics approach in the classroom.

Distance Learning

Online Teaching / Distance Learning

Series of lesson material designed for online, remote basic literacy teaching.

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