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Game Templates

Make games to practice any material:

Words and their meanings (in pictures or translation), rhymes, patterns, etc.

game ideas.PNG

Ideas for Games

Use existing materials to improvise fun practice activities - the best way to review!

Ideas List Word file   PDF file

Board 1    Word file   PDF file

Board 2   Word file   PDF File

Board 3    Word file   PDF file


Bingo Boards

Print these boards or fold a sheet of paper into 4x4 squares.
Have learner write words on boards and cards for writing practice.

Small   Word file        PDF file

Large    Word file      PDF file


Lotto Template

Practice 18 words - 9 on each board


Concentration Game Template

Match pairs of cards, with cards face up or face down.

ruler game 1.jpg

How to create a "Ruler Game" from any Word List

With templates

Triangle game.PNG

3 X 3 Matching Squares Template

Match 18 pairs of words/pictures, with built-in self check.

two-part puzzle template.PNG

Matching 2-part puzzles template

for 12 pairs

checkers game.PNG

Checkers Game template

Practice reading or recall of 24 words

four in a row reading game.PNG

Four-in-a-Row Reading Game template

Practice reading/meanings of 36 words

finger twister.PNG

Finger Twister Game template

For 4 categories of 4 words each

what am i game template.PNG

"What am I?" Game template

For 36 words, to guess the object name that fits the spoken clues

popsicle stick game.PNG

Popsicle Sticks Game

Reviewing letter combinations

Word file         PDF file

PPT vocabulary game.PNG

Funny Vocabulary Game - PowerPoint template


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