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Online/Distance Learning: 
Here are links to two prepared series of Hickey lessons that can be used remotely (such as over Zoom), and resources to play and prepare interactive activities to be used on screens for in-person or remote teaching. See also Games for Classrooms for more sites. 
Note: Some sites require you to create an account to use them. Please report broken links to

Remedial Reading Workshop online.PNG

Online Reading Teaching
Presentations based on The English Club app and Hickey Method, for online or in-class lessons. Currently  presentations for Hickey website lessons 1-25b (English Club levels 1-34). (Thanks to Gordon College Remedial Teaching Workshop, by Dr. Stephanie Fuchs & Dr. Jackie Teplitz, design by Maya Roginsky, Oriyan De-Sevilya, Shani Cohen & Lital Bergman)


Online Reading Resources

Guided Phonics Reading Program by Hanny Fuks.  Bitmoji reading rooms, and how to create them.

Reading Program

Virtual Library PDF Hanny Fuks-Reading Virtual Library Project 2020-2021, see link at end to YouTube tutorial for how to create a virtual classroom.

The English Club logo with picture.png

The English Club app
for mobile devices

Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, 50 levels of material (up to Hickey Lesson 39)
Installation Instructions

English       Hebrew       Arabic

Instructions for installing on multiple devices (e.g. school tablets) with a one-time payment

English       Hebrew

The English Club logo.png

Worksheets and progress assessments

Optional extra free activities to accompany The English Club app and books through Level 33, or the lessons on this website (see Individual Lesson Materials, the first lesson for Lessons 1c-23a)

kahoot counting syllables.PNG


A group game environment. 

Example of a game on counting syllables in words

Word file        PDF file


Online Whiteboard:

A tool to enable you and your learners to write and draw freely on a shared whiteboard.



A vocabulary flashcard-building app with added activities. Example of a vocabulary practice game and tests (words through Lesson 39) by Chana Lapid.



for making worksheet files interactive. (You can use worksheets from Example by Hagit Lahav.

Copy of nearpod.PNG

Site for creating interactive online activities. 

How Nearpod Works



An online service where your students can record themselves reading aloud and send you the recordings.

Wheel of Names.PNG

Wheel of Names
Enter your own list of words to create a wheel, spin the wheel and let the student read (and translate?) the word that is chosen. (You can set interface language.)


"Any activity is more memorable if it’s presented as a game. Use Genially to gamify and create activities, from quizzes to escape rooms, filled with interactivity and animation."

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