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The Brain

Direct, explicit phonics-based instruction and repeated reading practice creates new neural pathways in the brain. These become more and more permanent and automatize reading. How?

Coffee and Magazines


Some related resources on the multi-sensory structured phonics approach to teaching EFL literacy and the need for related teacher training.

Happy Circle


We offer our learners success and a new way of looking at learning.

Learning to Read


The roots of this approach in the U.K. and U.S. and how it came to Israel

Homework Help


Comments on the approach by teachers and tutors after they start using it with learners.

Girl with Bookshelves


Reading on dyslexia and  phonics/Hickey textbooks for learners published in Israel.

Open Book

Vocabulary Words

Patterns of orthography (spelling, syllable type, vowels) and morphology (prefixes/suffixes) in the Band I and Band II vocabulary lists of the Israel Ministry of Education English Inspectorate's curriculum.