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Pages for Learners:
Give each learner these pages at the right time.

letter checklist.jpg

Letter Checklist for Student
Help learners keep track of their progress. Use for "Summary" activity 6 in the standard Hickey lesson plan.

Word file         PDF file

practice checkoff.PNG

Daily home practice: One-Week Check-off Sheet

Word file        PDF file

long vowels table.PNG

Long Vowel Choices Table (highlight each long vowel spelling as it's learned)

long vowels color and examples.PNG

Long Vowel Choices Table, color-coded, plus examples

syllable div patterns.png

Syllable Division Patterns table (highlight each syllable division pattern as it's learned: Lessons 12a, 13, 95)

syllable types.jpg

Syllable Types Table (highlight each syllable type as it's introduced: Lessons 1, 5, 13a, 22a, 35, 48, 53)

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