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Create Computer Games and Activities: 

Resources enable you to prepare online lessons for remote teaching and interactive activities to be used on the computer screen.
See also Games for Classrooms for more sites to create games. 
Note: the given links may no longer be valid. If this happens please report the problem to me at You may be required to create an account to use them; they are independent of this website. This is not an endorsement of the sites.

kahoot counting syllables.PNG


A group game environment. 

Example of a game on counting syllables in words

Word file        PDF file

WordWall story 2.PNG


Site to create interactive activities. 

Examples below by Hagit Lahav



A vocabulary flashcard-building app with added activities. Example of a vocabulary practice game and tests (words through Lesson 39) by Chana Lapid.



for making worksheet files interactive. (You can use worksheets from Example by Hagit Lahav.

Copy of nearpod.PNG


for creating interactive online activities. Example of a syllable-counting game.

How Nearpod Works

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