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Games for Classrooms

These games can be played with a student, a small group, or a whole class

bingo boards from sightwords.png


Generate 1-30 boards using Bingo Card Creator, example for Lesson 7

Bingo - students make boards.PNG


Students make boards.

Example for Lesson 82.

Word file        PDF file

Bingo through Lesson 11.PNG


Words through Lesson 11

18 boards


Blockbusters Game

Example for Lesson 13c

Ice cream Game.PNG

Ice Cream Game

Example for Lesson 2

Jeopardy (L1-15).PNG


From site Factile (, example for Lesson 15

Mr. Boten.PNG

Mr. Boten

Board game for Lesson 8

Reverse Trivia.PNG

Reverse Trivia Game

Example for Lesson 9

show and tell.PNG

Show and Tell Game

Search for pictures and write sentences with words in word list.

Speedy Gonzalez.PNG

Speedy Gonzalez Game

Groups compete to spell dictated words correctly at the board. Example for Lesson 10

Student feud.PNG

Student Feud Game

Spell words from their sounds at the board with scoring by number of letters in word.

Example for Lesson 4

True or false.PNG

True or False with Pictures

Show pictures with simple sentences and ask students to answer "true" or "false." This picture is "No boys yet."



Select words from a lesson; pull them from a bag and learners find them on their boards and fill them.

Example for Lesson 82.


Hickey Hangman

Example for lessons with silent e.

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