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Lesson Preparation Materials

What to teach in your next lesson

Lesson order.PNG

Hickey Method
Lesson Order

Letters/sounds and "rules" to teach, with suggested clue words and exception words for each lesson

lesson plan.PNG

Lesson Plan Form

Plan the content and materials you need to teach the 7 activities of a lesson

Hickey Lesson Plan Infographic.jpg

Lesson Structure Infographic
Graphic reminder of the 7 activities of a lesson

Hickey Word List.PNG

Hickey Method Word List (comprehensive)

Word file        PDF file

500 common words.PNG

500 Most Common English Words

 sorted by Hickey lesson

modified cursive.PNG

Modified Cursive and Print Letter Forms

trace,write, sheets.PNG

"Trace, Copy, Memory, Eyes-closed" Worksheets
for learners who need extra help in learning and practicing letter formation
Install font:

Letter-writing practice lined.PNG

Letter-writing practice, lined sheets

(print: capital and lower-case)

wh question cards bw.PNG

WH questions: Story Summary Cards 

To scaffold learners' comprehension of narrative texts

colorful WH question cards.PNG

Colorful WH question Story Summary Cards

pink rule cards Hebrew.PNG

Pink Rule Cards:
for Hebrew-speaking learners

English and Hebrew

two-sided pink cards Hebrew.PNG

Two-sided Pink Rule Cards for Hebrew-speaking learners

Hebrew only. Print flipping on short side, on pink card paper.

pink rule cards Arabic.PNG

Pink Rule Cards 
for Arabic-speaking learners

English and Arabic

Russian pink rules cards.PNG

Pink Rule Cards 
for Russian-speaking learners

English and Russian

pink rule cards Spanish.PNG

Pink Rule Cards 
for Spanish-speaking learners

English and Spanish

floss rule.png

Rule sheet for "1,1,2" pattern - doubling final consonants after 1 syllable, 1 short vowel: -ff, -ll, -ss, -ck, -zz ("floss" words) and -dge, -tch, -ch 

spelling rules cards.PNG

English Spelling Patterns cards
for more advanced learners

CVC doubling rules.PNG

Doubling rules for Words Ending in CVC

adding suffixes that start with a vowel

practicing short vowels.PNG

Practicing Short Vowel Sounds


Q&A: How can we help students remember vocabulary?

common prefixes and suffixes.PNG

Most common prefixes and suffixes

Common irr verbs by Hickey lesson.PNG

Most common Irregular Verbs in Past Simple (V2)

by Hickey lesson

english sounds and spellings.PNG

English Sounds and their Multiple Spellings

All spellings for the same sound (blue cards) in order of frequency

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