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Phonics for Classrooms


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Band I and Band II Vocabulary Words

Grouped by orthographic patterns so that you can teach a "mini-lesson" on a pattern or letter combination, and find the words that use it.


Short and Long Vowels Bookmark

Contains a clue word for each long and short vowel.

syllable types and division rules.PNG

Syllable Types and Syllable Division Table

Four per sheet; cut page into four quarters, distribute one per learner.

Word file        PDF file

large white cards.PNG

Classroom-sized White Letter Cards, in Hickey Order

Letters, blends, digraphs, diphthongs, vowel combinations, Use with blending board in a classroom or group, per Orton Gillingham.

white cards with clue words on front.PNG

Classroom-sized White Letter Cards, with clue word pictures on front.

In order of book Tell Me in English.

English Sounds and spellings.PNG

English sounds and their multiple spellings: Phonemes and their Graphemes

Spellings in order from most to least frequent.

English sounds and spellings with exampl

English Sounds and their multiple spellings, with examples.

Phonemes and their Graphemes

with words that use them. Spellings in order from most to least frequent.

Teaching Spelling.png

Q&A: Teaching Spelling: How to teach multiple spellings of the same sound

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