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Lesson 15: -ll; -ll

video -ll graphic.PNG

Video: -ll (doubling final consonants)

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Arabic           Spanish


"The Balls Spill at the Hill"

Word file        PDF file

Bill - lesson 15, Phoebe.JPG

"Bill Hits the Ball"

Word file        PDF file

Lesson 15 graphic, Bell is tall.JPG

"Bell is Tall"

Lesson 15, Bill is ill.png

"Bill is Ill"

Word file        PDF file

Lesson 15, Nell and Mike Ride Bikes.png

"Nell and Mike Ride Bikes"

Lesson 15, Bill and Nell.png

"Bill and Nell"

Lesson 15, The Bell Tells.PNG

"The Bell Tells"

Lesson 15, Tal, the Ball and the Bell.png

"Tal, the Ball, and the Bell"

-ll words.png

-ll words:
Practice activities

Crossword:        Word file  PDF

Concentration: Word file  PDF

Fill-in words:     Word file  PDF

Circle words:     Word file  PDF

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