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Lesson 11: ck ; ck

-ck video graphic.PNG

Video: -ck pattern (doubling final consonants)

English         Hebrew

Arabic           Spanish


"The Snack at the Track"

Word file         PDF file

L11 picture-word puzzle game.PNG

Word-picture puzzles game

Word file        PDF file

Lesson 11 -Her Speck graphic.JPG

"Her Speck"

Lesson 11, Mick's Trick.png

"Mick's Trick"

Word file        PDF file

Lesson 11, Nick is Sick.PNG

"Nick is Sick"

Lesson 11 Rick's sticks.JPG

"Rick's Sticks"

Lesson 11, Kim's Best Cat.png

"Kim's Best Cat"

L11 ck clue words.PNG

-ck clue/common words

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