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Lesson 4: h, th

Lesson 4 h th graphic.png

Teaching New Material: Lesson 4

Lesson 4 matching worksheet.PNG

Matching Worksheet

Lesson 4 Thin Dan and his hat.JPG

"Thin Dan and his Hat"

Lesson 4, h th, Sid's Hat.JPG

"Sid's Hat"

Lesson 4, Nat's Thin Hat.png

"Nat's Thin Hat"

Lesson 4, Dad and Ant.JPG

"Dad and Ant"

Lesson 4, Nathan and his Dad.png

"Nathan and his Dad"

Lesson 4, Ann's iPad and Dan's Hat.PNG

"Ann's iPad and Dan's Hat"

Word file        PDF file


Familiar h words, brands, and cognates

how to say th.PNG

How to say the (th) sounds correctly 

YouTube video by Tamar Bar Ilan, located by Ralph Amelan

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