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Lesson 9: r

A bat and a rat.JPG

"A Bat, a Rat, and a Rabbit"

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Lesson 9-Dan&his rabbbit.JPG

"Dan and his Rabbit"

lesson 9 Shani traps a crab.JPG

"Shani Traps a Crab"

Lesson 9, A rat in Dan's crib.png

"A Rat in Dan's Crib"

Lesson 9 Dan, Pat, Rena and the Rat.PNG

"Dan, Pat, Rena and the Rat"

Lesson 9, Ann's Hen Ran.png

"Ann's Hen Ran"

Word file        PDF file

possessives worksheet.PNG

Possessives worksheet

mnemonic for there.JPG

Homophones "there, their" (exception words in this lesson) and "they're"
(in Lesson 12):
Mnemonic device for remembering spellings and meanings

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