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Lesson 5: e, sh; open syllables

Lesson 5 e sh graphic.png

Teaching New Material: Lesson 5

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open syllable graphic.PNG

Video: Open Syllables

English        Hebrew

Arabic         Spanish


"Ned's Test and Stan the Pest"

Lesson 4.5-Dad's Danish.png

"Dad's Danish"
(includes only sh and open syllable -before teaching e)

L5 Ted's Hen.PNG

"Ted's Hen"

Lesson 5 Sara Giron frame 5.JPG

"Ted's Tent"

Word file        PDF file

Lesson 5 e, sh The Ten Hats.JPG

"The Ten Hats"

Lesson 5 Ned's hat and pen.png

"Ned's Hat and Pen"

Lesson 5 Handstands in Nan's Shed.PNG

"Handstands in Nan's Shed"

Lesson 5, Ned's Pet Hen.PNG

"Ned's Pet Hen"

Lesson 5, Nip's Test.PNG

"Nip's Test"

Lesson 5, Ted and Dand the Ant.png

"Ted and Dand the Ant"

matching worksheet - L5.PNG

Matching Worksheet

open and closed syllables.png

Open and Closed Syllables - examples

L 5 vowel review worksheet.PNG

Vowel Review Worksheet

sentence soup.PNG

"Sentence Soup" Game

Word file         PDF file

Lesson 5 game.PNG

3x3 Puzzle: Rhyme-matching game

short vowel sounds.PNG

Practicing Short Vowel Sounds

Word file         PDF file

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