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Lesson 13: -ic ; -ic pattern; syllable division v/cv (and less common vc/v)

-ic video graphic.PNG

Video: when to use 
-ic at the end of a word

English         Hebrew

Arabic          Spanish

vcv video graphic.PNG

Video: syllable division patterns
v/cv (and vc/v)

English         Hebrew

Arabic          Spanish


"The Picnic in the Attic"

Word file         PDF file

Lesson 13 ic Ayala Kaniel.JPG

"The Man in the Mask and the Picnic"

Word file        PDF file

Lesson 13 -ic Ann Young - frame 5.JPG

"Panic at the Picnic"

lesson 13, Iris's cabin picnic.png

"Iris's Cabin Picnic"

Lesson 13, A Bat, a Man, and a Batman in

"A Bat, a Man, and a Batman in the Attic"

Word file        PDF file

Lesson 13, Picnic.png

"Nan's Picnic"

Word file        PDF file

graphic for syll division patterns.PNG

Syllable Division Table

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