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Lesson 3: d

Lesson 3 d graphic.png

Teaching New Material: Lesson 3

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Dad 002.jpg

"Dad, Dan, and a Pit"

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Nearpod Game by Ravit Aharoni and Hagit Sudmi

Lesson 3 Sid did it.png

"Sid Did It"

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Lesson 3 Dad and Dip story.JPG

"Dad and Dip"

Lesson 3, Dana and Sid.JPG

"Dana and Sid in Sand"

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Lesson 3, Dad's Sandpit.PNG

"Dad's Sandpit"

L3, Sid Spit at Dad.PNG

"Sid Spit at Dad"

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Lesson 3 cognates.PNG

Familiar d words, brands, and cognates

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