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Lesson 6: c (k); the hard sound of c

hard sound of c video graphic.PNG

Video: the hard sound of c

English         Hebrew

Arabic          Spanish


"Can-Can the Cat and Ned's Hen"

Word file         PDF file

Lesson 6 Dan with cat and cast.JPG

"Dan's Cat and his Cast"

Word file        PDF file

Lesson 6, c, Maya Gazit frame 6.JPG

"Pat Can Sit"

lesson 6 cat and cap.png

"The Cat in the Cap"

Lesson 6, Dan's Cat in Dad's cap.PNG

"Dan's Pet Cat in a Cap"

Lesson 6, Dina's Cat.jpg

"Dina's Cat"

L6 matching worksheet.PNG

Matching worksheet

Word file        PDF file

L6 crossword.PNG

Crossword Puzzle

Word file        PDF file

L6 break-the-code.PNG

Break-the-Code Worksheet

Word file        PDF file

L6 match and decode.PNG

Match-and-Decode Worksheet

Word file        PDF file

L6 cognates.PNG

Familiar c words, brands, and cognates

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