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Lesson 30: v, -ve

graphic -ve video.PNG

Video: -ve

English         Hebrew

Arabic          Spanish

David and the puppy.JPG

"David's Puppy"

Word file        PDF file

Lesson 30, Ben Visits the Vet.JPG

"Ben Visits the Vet"

Word file        PDF file

Lesson 30 Veronica.JPG

"Veronica at the Cave"

Lesson 30, Aviva and David in Volvo.png

"Aviva, David, and the Wine Spill"

Word file        PDF file

Lesson 30, A Visit to Nick's Dad.png

"A Visit to Nick's Dad"

Lesson 30, Brave AJ.PNG

"Brave AJ"

graphic letter checklist p 4.PNG

Letter checklist for student, page 4

Word file         PDF file

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