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Lesson 8: b ; b-d

L8 - b&d pink card.PNG

Pink card: How to remember the directions of b&d

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L8 - b&d video graphic.PNG

Video: How to remember the directions of b&d

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Arabic          Spanish


"Ben's Best Bed"

Word file         PDF file

ben had a banana.JPG

"Ben's Banana"

Lesson 8 graphic -Dan's best pet.JPG

"Dan's Best Pet"

Lesson 8 Drora Bracha, Ben, the Best Cat

"Ben, the Best Cat"

Lesson 8, Ben's Best Band.png

"Ben's Best Band"

Common words lotto game.PNG

Common words Lotto Game

L8 vocab game in sentence context.PNG

Vocabulary Game, definitions in sentence context

L8 break-the-code.PNG

Break-the-Code Worksheet

Lesson 8 cognates.PNG

b cognates


Same shape, different directions: letters b, d, p, q
See also Rick Lavoie's point about a watch being a watch in any direction, unlike letters: minute 45 of FAT City Workshop,

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