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Lesson 12: y- ; y-

graphic for y- tip.png

Pink Card: The name and sound of consonant y

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graphic for y- tip.png

Video: The name and sound of consonant y

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"Yams at the Camp"

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lesson 12 yam snack.JPG

"A Yam Snack? Yes!"

Lesson 12 yak in the tent.JPG

"The Yak is in the Tent"

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Lesson 12 Yetta.PNG

"Yetta and the Cat"

Y cognates.PNG

y cognates

Copy of mnemonic for there.JPG

Homophones "there, their" (exception words in Lesson 9) and "they're"
(exception word "they" in this lesson):
Mnemonic device for remembering spellings and meanings

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