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Lesson 95: ous (o˘os);
syllable division v/v

suffix -ous graphic.png

Meaning: Adding the suffix -ous turns a noun into an adjective. It means 'full of'.

'Dangerous' means 'full of danger'.



When you add -ous to a word ending with 'e', drop the 'e'.

'Adventure' becomes 'adventurous'.


When you add -ous to a word ending in 'y', replace the 'y' with 'i'.

'Fury' becomes 'furious'.


When you add -ous to a word that ends with 'our', 'our' becomes 'or', then add -ous.

'Humour' becomes 'humorous'.

                   from "Bitesize"

v-v syllable division pattern.png

v/v is the least common syllable division pattern. 

You hear both vowel sounds separately.

Examples: idea, radio, video

Lesson 95 ous - Miriam's Time Traveling

"Miriam's Time Travelling Adventure"

(focus on suffix -ous)

Word file         PDF file

Lesson 95 v v - Ariella's Science Projec

"Ariella's Science Project"

(focus on v/v syllable division pattern)

Word file         PDF file

Vocabulary List icon.png

Vocabulary list for v/v and -ous words from Band I and Band II vocabulary lists

Word file         PDF file

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