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Lesson 16b: -y (ē); -y

graphic for -y long e.PNG

Video: -y (after a consonant) at the end of a word

English         Hebrew

Arabic          Spanish


"Daddy Helps Baby Ben"

Word file        PDF file

Lesson 16b graphic, Penny and baby.JPG

"Penny and the Baby"

Lesson 16b Danny and the Candy.JPG

"Danny, Billy, and the Candy"

Lesson 16b, Sticky Betsy etc..png

"Sticky Betsy, Silly Billy, Baby Penny and Silky Sandy"

Word file        PDF file

Lesson 16b Happy Baby Nelly.png

"Happy Baby Nelly"

Lesson 16b, The Sticky Drippy Candy Picn

"The Sticky, Drippy Candy Picnic"

list of words -y.PNG

Words that end in -y after a consonant (long i and long e sounds)

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