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Welcome to this cooperative project, where teachers and tutors share

free teaching materials to reach more learners who need this effective approach.

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This website contains all the materials from the Hickey Course website at David Yellin Academic College of Education, and new ones. 

Teachers have used clip art to illustrate their lessons. If you are an artist whose work has been used but you prefer not to lend it to this project, let us know and we will remove it.

C for Cat

Many of the materials on this website were prepared by members of Hickey classes at David Yellin College of Education, Herzog College, and Givat Washington College. The site is managed by the course instructor Fern Levitt, EdD, and contains both her original material and that based on materials from Hickey training courses by Susie Secemski.

A for Apple

When you use these materials, we ask that you commit yourself to tutor a learner who cannot afford to pay for private lessonsWhy?

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Use of this website implies acceptance of these Terms of Use.

T for Turtle
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